"It is great to live on the edge, but stay on point and always keep your guard up!"

The Culi-Tool Scabbard Holster is designed and hand made by Sol-o-luna, an individually owned business.  We understand what is important to chefs, their tools! 

There is nothing worse than losing your knife or your Sharpening Steel when you are busy trying to prepare your meals.  With our scabbard you will always know where you placed them.  Whether you are a student at a culinary training program, a seasoned chef , a back yard bar-b-que wizard or a butcher, this is the tool holder for you. 

I enrolled in a culinary program at a small college in my area.  It was difficult, if not also dangerous to move around a crowded kitchen, carrying  a sharp knife.  I looked around at different sites for a tool holder that would be convenient and provide safety and security.  I bought one made out of canvas that would accommodate various tools, but you had to buy knife guards as well, otherwise your knife would go through the canvas.  The first day I put my knife through it.

Finally, after a lot of experimentation and testing on my classmates I designed and produced the Culi-Tool Scabbard Holster.  Now, my knives and sharpener slip in and out easily and remain snug in the scabbard.  I don't leave my sharp tools laying around anymore.  Now, with confidence, I offer the Culi-Tool Scabbard Holster to you! 

As an emerging small enterprise, it is fun to promote and produce these great tool holders.  Every Culi-Tool Scabbard Holster is hand made and is guaranteed under normal wear and tear.  As long as it is not carelessly, intentionally damaged or destroyed, we will replace it.  All you do is pay the postage. 

As with any sharp or pointed object, all tools must be handled with due care, this tool holder offers no exception.